“Glassworker” marks the first collaboration between Charades and Cristobal


The News

Mano’s presentation not only made the cut but received a standing ovation afterwards. It impressed various publications outside Pakistan to follow its development as a possibly meaningful and beautiful hand-drawn animated film coming out of the dangerous (hyperbole) Karachi, Pakistan.


The News

An inside look into Mano Animation Studios, Pakistan's first hand-drawn animation studio as it continues to work on its first feature, The Glassworker, set for a 2023 release.


Golden Globe Awards

Usman Riaz unleashed his creativity and imagination and answered questions about his ambitious film, an epic anti-war film that, in the words of its producer, recalls the romanticism of the Golden Globe winner Doctor Zhivago and where patriotism confronts free-thinking, artistic creation, and love.


Animation Magazine

In a magical-realist world in the early 20th century, the son of a glassworker and the daughter of an army colonel fall in love. Their romance is challenged by an approaching war and their parents’ differing outlooks on life.



Tomas and his son Vincent run the finest glass shop in the country, and find their lives upended by an approaching war. The arrival of an army colonel and his talented daughter Alliz, shakes their reality and tests the relationship between father and son.