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Ever since The Glassworker’s first images were released, animation fans worldwide have been anticipating the release of Pakistan’s first 2D-animated feature. The stunning, handcrafted movie, which is deeply influenced by the work of Japanese master Hayao Miyazaki, is directed by Usman Riaz and produced by his cousin Khizer Riaz and the team at their Karachi-based studio, Mano.


La Estatuilla

The Glassworker , the first hand-animated Pakistani film, is a triumph. In the anime style and with a strong influence of Studio Ghibli, this story of impossible love in times of war directed by Usman Riaz captivates thanks to its audiovisual elements and a narrative that, although inconsistent, weaves together themes such as nationalism and classism. effectively.


the other big piece on Annecy screens is of course the feature films , divided into several categories, from the official competition to the various more or less promotional previews (without forgetting the outdoor screenings, see below). Among the recent features that I'm particularly looking forward to, and which I've already talked about, include