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Alliz - The Glassworker

Mano Animation Studios

Mano Animation Studios is Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animation studio. Founded by the artist and animator Usman Riaz, in Karachi, Mano is creating a new industry for the region and new opportunities for talented artists to create and share stories from a culture vibrant with unfamiliar and compelling tales, locales and characters.

Vincent - The Glassworker

The Glassworker

Vincent and Tomas find their lives upended by an approaching war in which they want no part, and the arrival in their town of an army colonel and his talented, violinist daughter, Alliz.

The friendship that develops between Vincent and Alliz is challenged constantly by the differing views of their fathers in a time when patriotism and social standing are considered more important than free thought and artistic pursuits.

It is only when the war visits upon them proper, and they are forced apart by their loyalties, that Vincent and Alliz realise what they have lost and the love they had for each other.

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