The Glassworker

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Original / AF Harold "The Imaginary" (Translated by Tomoko Kodama, published by Poplar Publishing) Director / Yoshiyuki Momose Producer / Yoshiaki Nishimura

Production / Distribution of "The Imaginary Raja" Production Committee  / Toho

With a boy who can't be seen by anyoneImaginationImaginary》 The story begins to move.
The girl who lost her love gave birth to an imaginary boy.
The two spend an irreplaceable time traveling through the imagination and the real world.
However, one day, a mysterious man aiming for Raja appeared and the world of "imagination" was about to disappear.

In earnest production

THE Glassworker

‘The Glassworker’ is an original story about young Vincent and his father Tomas, who run the finest glass workshop in the country and find their lives upended by an impending war in which they want no part.

The arrival in their town of an army colonel and his young, talented violinist daughter, Alliz, shakes their reality and tests the relationship between father and son.

The love that develops between Vincent and Alliz is challenged constantly by the differing views of their fathers. It is a time when patriotism and social standing are considered more important than free thought and artistic pursuits. It is a time when love is not relevant.

Set in a location loosely inspired by Pakistan, ‘The Glassworker’ is a hand-drawn animated feature film directed by Usman Riaz and created by Mano Animation Studios.

It is the first hand-drawn animated feature from Pakistan.